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BOSS Tiny Houses are part of  Harwal an international, award winning organization and our US Divisions, US Polymers, Inc.


Enjoy the benefits you get working with the largest manufacturer of Tiny Houses in the world.


We bring you the best tiny house straight to your doorstep.


Our 28 international business units spread across the Middle East, Africa, Europe and USA provide unequaled technical resources and manufacturing capabilities, along with decades of expertise.


That’s why our TinyHouses are called BOSS


We have a long history of innovation and manufacturing of portable buildings. We have sold 100,000’s of kits over the years all over the USA and the world. We hold numerous patents for innovative technologies incorporated into our products.


With our New BOSS Line of TinyHouses, our exclusive Built On Site Solution Lets you get your house up in days, and for less investment than you thought was possible. Our entire organization is committed to providing you the best value and quality in Tiny Houses available anywhere.



Founded in 1938, Harwal Group currently operates from its headquarters in the UAE. Harwal’s strategy and business model is built around the principles of innovation, quality and sustainability. As an organization, The Group takes pride in its work, the success of its customers and the results they achieve together. Its continued growth and success over the last four decades can be attributed to an ability to adapt and evolve, enabling it to become the leader in its industries.



Built On Site System - Complete kit with everything you need and easy to follow instructions


Strength and Safety - Certifications (pending Viken)


Design Choices and Upgrade Features - Variety of colors and options for a high level of customization


Complete Electrical and Plumbing System - All-included package for everything you need to live




Studio - Personal studio in unleash creativity


Home - Be the BOSS you were meant to be, owning your home and living where you want


Office - A private work area to increase productivity


Minimalistic - Live a minimalist lifestyle that is free of clutter  


Recreation - Use as a space to do your favorite hobbies and hangout


In Law Suite - Have a space for In-Laws to give them the privacy



Our Homes

Manufactured from the highest quality materials in our own factories, we use steel and vinyl to build the strongest frames. Highly insulated panels. Safe, strong, no fumes. Meets and exceeds  international standards. Top rated appliances and add ons found in TinyHouses costing 2x to 3x as much.