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Call us today to speak with a trained expert to answer all the questions you need to pick the best Tiny House option for you. Our outstanding service will leave you feeling taken care of.


Our Tinyhouses are customizable to fit your exact needs and discard any excess costs. You can start with a complete package that has everything you need to live comfortably, to ordering just the shell of the Tiny House for a fraction of the price!

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Order instantly and have our Tiny House Kit shipped to you in two weeks! 

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Have your Tiny House full built in as little as 3 days. We have carefully refined the installation process and super-simplified our manuals so any build will be quick and stress-free.

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All of our products are guaranteed with a 5-year limited lifetime warranty on workmanship or material defects. That's how confident we are on the quality of our product. Anything that doesn't stand up to final inspections, we will replace or repair.

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With our highly skilled logistics team, our delivery is one of the most reliable services. Our kits can be shipped anywhere and can fit through most passways. After delivering 100,000 portable building solutions, we have the experience you can depend on.

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